Decoration Hire Terms & Conditions

  1. All damage, loss or breakage of equipment hired or packaging is to be paid for by the hirer at the replacement cost, this includes chair covers stained by tanning lotions.
  2. Insurance on goods while on hire is the Hirer's responsibility, e.g., theft, fire damage etc.
  3. The Owner undertakes no liabilities whatever in respect of third party and similar risks or for personal injury, or for consequential damage of any kind.
  4. All vases / candelabras must be returned empty (candles/flowers/foliage to be removed), excluding any decorations provided by Owner) or an additional charge may be incurred.
  5. All goods are carefully checked when packed and it is the hirer’s responsibility to check the goods upon delivery and notify us of any discrepancies and/or damage between the goods supplied and the goods ordered. Complaints made after the return of the goods will not be considered.
  6. All goods to be returned on a Monday unless prior arrangement has been made with the Owner. 
  7. Hire of the portable P.A system is for a one hour period, thereafter a $50 charge per half hour or part there of applies. This charge does not apply for the dry hire of the system.
  8. Termination of the hiring by return of goods or otherwise shall not in any way prejudice the right of the Owner to enforce by action or otherwise all or any of the foregoing conditions against the hirer for breach thereof or of any of them prior to the termination of the hiring.
  9. Unless agreed in writing to the contrary, the acceptance by the Hirer of any goods on hire from the Owner shall in itself constitute an acceptance of the above Terms & Conditions and of the charges stated on the accompanying invoice.
  10. Where applies, batteries to be return with hire equipment, failure to do this will result in a replacement charge.
  11. Payment of a 50% deposit secures the items you have hired.
  12. Once you pay the deposit for your hire items we will put these aside for your wedding day/celebration to ensure that you have everything you need. The deposits are non refundable due to this booking process as other bookings may be turned down once your hire items are secured. Cancellation 30 days prior to your wedding/celebration date will incur no additional fees aside from the deposit. A full forfeit of hire fees will be applied if cancelled within 30 days of the wedding date.
  13. On pickup/delivery the balance of invoice is required.
  14. Bond required on certain items
  15. Delivery and pick-up charges may apply
  16. Set-up and pack-down charges may apply
  17. All consumables are charged separately
  18. All prices include G.S.T